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Out of the Blue with Blisters!

I had a weekend planned for interest factor.  A family wedding took me to Glasgow but in a city that ‘doesn’t sleep’ I didn’t think it right to miss out on other opportunities.  And any regular reader of my Blog will know that my interests are fairly eclectic.  Since there was a Jazz Fest in the city this weekend and the opportunity to visit the Macintosh Willow Tea Rooms  there was plenty to fill the in between flight times.

However;  at one point this weekend I had thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Really – that good!

It wasn’t the Orange Parade that marched past the Catholic wedding I was attending.  That was fairly impressive and a future Blog.  It wasn’t the purchase of a perfectly sized Macintosh mirror to hide a nasty stain that is lying there!  .  And it wasn’t the Central Station architect that did, honestly enthral me.

It was the ¾ hour I spent falling in love with ‘Borders’ waiting for said Tea Room to open.  Incidentally for a city that doesn’t sleep – it doesn’t wake up that early!

imgres-15What caught my attention in the first place was a magazine in the window entitled “The Word”.  OK! so that would! And oh yes … having purchased and read it; I will be subscribing from now on.  Also, I found a brilliant live Paul Weller CD which I listened to (really loudly) on the coast road home from Exeter Airport, along with a bargain price Eagles Hotel California.

I digress!  Whilst I could have spent three or four more hours in that one place, I wouldn’t have had my cream tea in the Willow Rooms.  So I settled for two rather highly priced books (by my standards – I normally buy my books from Oxfam) that will help me with some secondary research I am doing for several future projects.

Of course there is the brief visit to the Jazz Fest to mention but my feet hurt too much for that now.  Ouch!



  1. What can I say Laura, Borders just happens to be one of my very favourite places too and there is one of the largest in the UK about 10 minutes walk from my Mum’s home, so as you can imagine it is heavily visited whilst up at Ma’s.


  2. Love it Laura, and a good link from Twitter to get me here!!!
    Are you saying that until now, you DIDN’T own a copy of Hotel California?
    Sacriledge (probably spelt wrong).
    Glad the trip went well for you.


  3. Like everyone in the world over the age of 40 I have an original Hotel Calefornia on vinyl! Fat lot a good that is if you don’t have a record player.


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