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Going nowhere slowly


“There is nothing wrong with going nowhere babe, but we should be going nowhere fast!”

Love this line.  This is partly because I have no vision.  I really don’t know where I am heading and never have.  I am one of those who have managed to tap into what is happening around her and make a reasonable success of it.  I am great at having short term SMART goals but vision?  Well it just escapes me.

The other side of this equation is going nowhere slowly.  This has got to be so much worse hasn’t it?  At least if you are going nowhere fast you will get there and realise that this is or isn’t where you need to be, and if so turn around and head off in a more appropriate direction.  If you’re going nowhere slowly then life might just have passed you by at the point of realising it.

This was quite an ah ha moment when I read Steven Taylor’s book Making Time.  He delves into the psychology of time perception that is; why time seems to pass at different speeds and how to control it.

You see for me this is all about action and notice.

In the first instance Taylor suggests we need to avoid states of absorption, instead expose ourselves to as many new experiences and environments as possible.  In the second, be mindful when doing usual daily activities like taking a shower, or walking the dog and then finally switching out from our ego on a daily basis to meditate.

Taylor says that we shouldn’t be “Giving away the present to an unreal future which may never even come to pass.”  We don’t need to be fulfilled by future visions we can be fulfilled right here, right now.



  1. That book ‘Making Time’ is brilliant isn’t it? It does make you stop and thinking just exactly what it is about time and it’s effect on our sense of wellbeing.


  2. Take a look at books by Thich Nhat Hanh, in particular, ‘Present Moment, Wonderful Moment’. He’s a Vientnamese Buddhist monk who has a retreat called Plum Cottage. He looks at every action and meditates briefly on it. e.g. driving the car;
    “Before starting the car,
    I know where I am going.
    The car and I are one,
    If the car goes fast, I go fast”


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