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Enjoy Every Step – Straplines

I don’t know whether it was the heat of the sun this afternoon, or the brilliant Business Link seminar I attended or the fact that I had a great night sleep last night but hey today; I was smiley.

Probably, a bit more than smiley, given the bemused looks I was getting from the Dorchester shoppers when I stopped off on the way home to buy a new pair of shoes.  Now, you expect to get a great big smile from the BIG ISSUE seller when you purchase the latest magazine.  And you expect to get a great big smile from the shoe retailer when you pick up the first pair, try them on and say wrap them.

But the odd response you get from Joe Blog on the street is really quite bemusing.  It ranges from a quizzical look to a full blown frown to a “hi how are you doing?”  (has that ever happened to you from someone you have never previously met?)

imgres-16Of course there is a consequence of frowning and smiling at the same time.  Go do it in front of a mirror.  It is commonly known as gurning and you can win prizes for it.

Now this isn’t the first time that I have walked around Dorchester or other places, smiling at people and it will certainly not be the last.  I promise that you will enjoy the experience if you too, have a go.  Do check what Sarah Cooney thought the last time she did it.

Finally, a good friend of mine suggested I leave this Blog here and resume with part two but since this Blog is about words not smiles I need to relate it back to the title.  Whilst I was a big time smiling; I noticed this strap line in a Clarks shoe shop.  “Enjoy every step” How absolutely great is that!

A subsequent Blog post on straplines is on its way – and in the mean time here is the Killers!



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