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Messages from Martin – Eulogy

images-20We walked out to The Kinks! –

It wasn’t soppy or overly sentimental.  The funeral of Martin Elliott Orridge was a carefully crafted celebration of his life; in his words.
He did stop short of giving us sticky back plastic to work with at the wake, but there were quotes from his various books, cards upon which to write our own anecdotes, pegs and a clothes line to hang them on.

He was buried in a really, really deep grave at Woodlands Burial Ground.  Now, none was sure that this was part of the planning but it lent itself to jest as the pall bearers laboriously lowered his coffin into position.  They had already painfully pushed Martin to the top of the hill to his final rest, courtesy of a 19th Century cart.  It amused Christine, his widow, that seconds passed, after she strew the first burgundy rose, before a resounding clunk echoed.  “Ouch” she muttered.  Are you getting the picture?

During the service itself, Martin insisted that the vicar played the guitar for two of the three musical tributes.  The first; the Lord’s my shepherd was followed by, Make me a channel of your peace, and the finale, is the one that I am leaving you with.   Lord, the light of your love is shining.

I love that we took this occasion to celebrate Martin’s joie de vivre with him for one last time.  I bet God is so glad he has got him in His corner now.



  1. I am very sorry to hear of Martin’s death. He was always a very welcoming and supportive table host at BXC. And always ready with a smile. I’m glad his send off was in keeping with his sense of fun and joy, and thank you Laura for your well-chosen words.


  2. Laura,
    Good synopsis!
    I think Martin would have been chuffed with how it all went.
    Great to see humour at a funeral especially from Christine, he would have been so proud of her and his family, they were brilliant.


  3. Laura,

    Thank you for writing about Martin’s funeral. It sounded just like he would have wanted it, filled with energy and affection.

    He was an inspirational man and I will always remember PIG farming! I know he will be missed greatly in the networking cirle.

    Please send my sympathy to his family.

    Kindest regards


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