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Wish You Were Here Martin! – Eulogy

Wish you were here

This week we will be wishing a fond and sadly permanent farewell to Martin Orridge. He died on Tuesday of a brain tumour, diagnosed less than a year ago. I have known Martin through BusinessXchange since April 2003. He was one of our earliest recruits. He loved the learning and support ethos of this programme. He was an active coordinator throughout and was delighted to keep up to date with colleagues whilst unable to attend in person.

Martin’s funeral is on Friday 17th April 2009. He was 61.

An international trainer and published author, Martin delivered a number of master classes and presentations especially for BXC members. He will be fondly remembered for his rendition of PIG Farming, the Change Game and the one on releasing innovation potential; RIP for short! He is no doubt chortling at the irony!

On a personal note; Martin’s creative thinking gave me a “Whack on the Side of the Head”. He’d smile at that, and nod knowingly.

How I wish – how I wish you were here; Martin. You will be fondly remembered.


Martin Orridge

Martin Orridge


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