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On Top of the World – a Toastmasters Speech (4)

Hey! I’m on top of the world.

It is September 16th and I am married at long last. It had been seven years in the waiting but there I am with my 1980s big hair, big glasses and obligatory big white meringue.  Hey I am already there – on top of the world that is.

Richard, the husband and I had never been on holiday without friends, so we decided to take an activity holiday in Austria for a honeymoon. The first and favourite activity was the glacier skiing activity and what follows is our experience in getting another view from the top of the world.

There are twenty bulked up strangers swaying in time to the movement of the carriage. The thick undergarments, padded jackets, and salapetes are slightly damp from the dewy morning. Combined with the body warmth in the carriage, it smells distastefully musty like the lockers do in a school gym. You get my wift?

The time passes by tediously. The physical discomfort of calf numbing boots, and unwieldy ski kit, makes every second of our internal clocks seem incessant. The crowd is murmuring, a touch above a whisper. It is slightly louder than the relentless whine of the funicular as it whirrs its way up the mountain.

Suddenly, all bodies lurch to the right. The track splits at the passing point. The downward funicular crosses our view. The chatter ceases. We peer at the people in the other carriage who silently stare back.

At long, long last the funicular slows and comes to a halt. The crowd clatters as it clambers out the carriages. Everyone audibly gasps the fresh air as we escape the claustrophobia.


Time all but stops … as we stand on the edge of the earth. The view is breathtaking and the silence … is deafening. We can’t even hear our own thoughts any more. They are muted, quite, quite hushed.

The atmosphere is so clear, so pure, so chaste.  We can all but taste it tickling our tongues as the moist wind, gently kisses our cheeks and our lips.  With another deep intake of breath, we look up and around us. The sky is a cobalt taffeta rippled with rays of sunlight and a cluster of cloudy whispers. Shafts of evergreens gently stroll down the mountains to meet their reflections in the lake below.

The winter snow had long been shrugged off. It lay discarded in clumps at the foot of each trunk. Strange how you notice things like that?

In the far side shadows are the majestic mountains feathered with snow. They encircle the lake like an amphitheatre. Our eyes are drawn to the lake, which assumes the central stage. There, there is nothing. Our eyes are drawn to the audience, a village cosily nestled in the nape of the mountains, snug in a hollow glade to right hand side of the lake.

Now you might be wondering what the point is to this presentation?

Take a snap shot of all your wonderful experiences so that you have an album of memories that you too can recall.

Remember the sights, the sounds and the smells. Remember the taste and other sensations. And remember; how you felt;  when you too;  were on top of the world!


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