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The Pong of a Cowpat – The Writer’s Way

Pong is such a descriptive word, you can almost taste the smell! Pah! Pooh!

Just think how different a pong is to a whiff. A whiff wafts; it is hardly pungent like a pong is.  A pong impregnates your lungs. You really sense that you have smelt it!

A reek is quite bad but it tends to sneak up on you; whilst stench and stink are totally putrid.  The pungent pong of a cow pat, however, places you squarely in the countryside where; when shit happens it is … merely manure.


Photo by Marcos Abreu from Pexels

In this exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to consider the sound of words and how they can effect the atmosphere of your writing.


  1. Being a farm boy, I could actually “smell” that last verse. I remember when my grandpa got sick and my dad had to got help out on his farm…me tagging along. The cattle stalls had been neglected for some time with fresh straw being added layer on layer. Now it was time to clean them right…haul it all out. My first fork full released that “smell” one never forgets.

    Thanks for the memory. 😂

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