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Polar Bear Pirates

I am not entirely sure why I want write my first Blog about Neg Ferrets and Betty Backroom, suffice to say that the descriptions are from one of the most imaginative books about positive thinking and positive action I have ever read.  It is also a highly amusing read and short.

Adrian Webster’s Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach fat city is a dictionary of all the things and people you need to be aware and beware of, on the road to success.  I think my attraction to tap back into this book comes from a current need.  The incessant corporate changes at my place of work are exacerbating my own and workmate’s idiosyncrasies.

Suddenly I can spot the:

  • Neg Ferrets griping in every corner – and ugh I feel the pull to have to do this!
  • Bloaters boasting, who are also lazy, obnoxious and tediously egoistical reptilian saddos.  I can see that I have been that person too (lazy excepting).  I admit that I am guilty of …. “when I, this happened to me, when I was at your level, I put my success down to, what works for me it”, etc etc.
  • Molasses Man being taken in by the beliefs of others – well meaning of course but it’s a wonder that they don’t get dizzy with the nodding and shaking of their heads.  And have I done this?  Probably, under the pretext of sympathising with those who’s jobs are under threat.
  • Head Treads – whose shallow and selfishness takes them up the success ladder through brown nosing by holding back others and driving standards down.  I have had to dodge the knives from at least one Head Tread hiding behind his senior suit.
  • However on the plus side, some of the Sinkers that have, consistently told me, they can’t, shan’t or won’t in the past, are heading out the organisation.  I wish them luck and offer my thanks.

Finally, a true Betty Backroom has volunteered her services to help me out for the next few weeks.  I’ll try and earn her respect – she is a stalwart without doubt.  I think I’ll take her with a teaspoon of SMUGS.  These are small unseen goals that matter.  When we start to achieve them we can get a warm fuzzy feeling will keep us going throughout the next couple of months.

imgresFor more information about the Polar Bear Pirates, their comrades and foes check out Adrian Webster’s brilliant website  You can also enter the online self diagnosis questionnaire to see if you are a Polar Bear Pirate or not indeed.  If you are not, then there are plenty of tips in the book to work on that will help you convert!  Let me know how you get on?



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