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End of an Era – Grammar et al

This is probably hyperbole, ( but for those who have been following our Blog musings, this is the last month that the Blog Buddies will be encouraged to participate by the Blog Master.  It has been great fun, interacting with my Blog Buddies and discovering the what and the how; even if most of the technical activities were really above my head.

I wonder how many of us will be Blogging in another six months, and whether those who have fallen by the wayside will resume, when the time is right for them.  It does take time to get into it.  Like most things I suppose!  You need to devote time to master skills and you can’t expect people just to want to read your Blog because it is there.

Six months ago I was quite scared of adding to others’ Blogs for want of upsetting or indeed appearing a dim wit, but recently I have found the confidence to add my tuppance, and have had a response back to my own Blog.  I am invigorated and plan to add to a stranger’s Blog each week from now on.

What me (and me buddies) could do with, is for those, who regularly read but don’t usually comment, to let us know that you are there?  A smiley would do fine! ;0)


Next week I promise to write about epitaths so if you would like to know what that’s all about then click on comment then click on RSS and you’ll automatically receive notification when it is published.

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  1. Ahh…the end of something is often the start of something new, so all the best for your entertaining, educational blogging, now to be seen in a broader context – excellent! Perhaps those who do feel they’ve missed out, would like to post their questions here (or to blog wessex) on what they’d like to know from you (and buddies), to encourage that first/next step? How can we help?


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