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The Joy of Winning

Published in 1990, this book is advertised as a completely different look on how to be successful.  Whilst Michael Beer’s The Joy of Winning is not exactly that different, he does write in English rather than American AND there are numerous references to, us, commoners.

Anyone who started work in the 80s and basked in the ‘open wallet’ boom era will also recognise the subsequent bust era, within which this book was written.  There are some brilliant learning points and whilst others will, I am sure, get something else from it; these are my own.

  1. Know more about your business than most.  Then be unsatisfied (not dissatisfied) with that!
  2. Do something with ideas that come to you or others.  Most will do nothing – what a waste of a good idea!
  3. Expect to win and hate to lose; but recognise when you do lose; why that is and learn from it!
  4. Know what your average is.  If you aim to beat the average you bring up your mean score!
  5. You will do what you want to do; only when you want it badly enough.  Aim for that which you want badly!
  6. Trust no one to help you when the chips are down, blame no one and nothing.  It is down to you to make things happen and you alone!
  7. Walk tall always; and be recognised!
  8. Agree with – don’t argue with others; you can’t win an argument!


Some of these points you may need to think about how they might work for you.  If you would like to explore or argue the points, please do.  I am happy to give you my personal take on them.

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