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Thank You! – Blog club

This Blog is further to an earlier one, where I mentioned how important it was to say goodbye properly! This one is based on a simple thank you!

My husband often says ‘you are the best!’ Ok! That’s kinda nice but the best at what? Washing his socks? Ironing his shirts? Making the bed? Cooking tea?  Or is it something else much more important that that? Who knows, only him! Come to think of it – how does he know?

When you are saying thank you or well done! Do make sure that the recipient knows why you are saying it. Even though you might think it is obvious, the receiver may not. The power behind the substantiating words is so much more than the two preceding ones. Think about it!

• When has someone said to you “well done for …”

• “You are the best because …”

• “Thank you for …”  How special did it make you feel?


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  1. I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm in the blogclass today, it really stimulated me to dig down and find out what I should be doing!


    (what was the answer to Times Roman?


  2. I once hgot a bonus at British telecom, but no-one would tell me why. It took me six months to get someone to explain. I was very frustrated because I wanted another one. It was £500 which 18 years ago was worth having. Eventually, a very embarassed line manager came back to me after exhaustive discussions at a more senior level and told me that I had got the bonus because they felt sorry for me – I had such a lousy job!

    When I left a few months later, they split the job up between several people. I guess the £500 was a kind of thank you. But as you say….if you don’t know what it is for….


  3. Excellent! Obviously a little over tired and emotional last night (or was it simply the large red?

    Have managed to update the links now thank you!

    Still don’t like Times Roman though???????


  4. Thank you Laura. You are the best at picking an appropriate selection from youtube to demonstrate your point! Could your tag line under hidden edge be stretched? Are words enough? My suggestion: making your communications work.


  5. Excellent suggestion Shirley.

    This whole Blog experience has been a facinating learning curve for me. When I started I had no idea what I wanted to write about except that I didn’t want it related to my full time occupation.

    I plumped for the ‘word thing’ as I do a little bit of creative copywriting on the side and to be honest, I didn’t know what else I could/should focus on.

    Like all of us I guess, this is Blog thing is still “work in progress”. Ah ha! I think you have just given me the basis of my next full blown Blog entry.

    Thank you for challenging and stimulating my thoughts.


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