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It’s time for saying goodbye! – Eulogy

This is a different sort of Blog today, not as upbeat as I usually like to be; but today has been hard.

Please click on this and get in the mood with me first

Today, an associate of mine Robert Pascall gave the most brilliant eulogy of his young wife who died suddenly of a massive brain haemorrhage.  Whilst touching, it was spiced throughout with his take on her wicked sense of humour.  So much so, that when we gathered outside after the service and sleet prevailed you could just imagine her chuckling and touching up her hair.

How right it is to say goodbye!

Today, I also said goodbye to many colleagues after a significant cull from the organisation.  This was done on mass at a gathering in a pub in Poole.

There were no cards, no collection or presentations.  Not only have they been separated, not from choice, from people they had gotten to know for any number of years, but there was no individual or personal recognition of their departure; just a group beer.


I will never let that happen again.

I realised today how the written word is so powerful.  ‘I am sorry that you are leaving’ or ‘how wonderful you have another job’ or ‘good luck with your new venture’, lasts so much longer in print than it ever does over a few pints of beer.   Adding a poignant memory of something that you have shared with them would make the written gesture even more special.

I hope that my special colleagues (and they will know who they are) will forgive me for not taking the time out to express in writing why I will miss them so much.

This Blog is for them and for Robert, Samuel and Benjamin for teaching me such a powerful lesson today.

And for Sherry who gave them all something really special to remember her by.  As an organ donor she has made better eight other lives.


  1. Well done on posting such powerful, passionate and personal learning!
    Is it ever too late to write to someone special?
    A hard but hopefully magnificent day?


  2. What a lovely post Laura.
    It’s pulled me into a place that’s very different from where I was just a few minutes ago. THAT’s how powerful the right kind of words are.


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